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Changing fonts of Nokia nseries just got easy!!

To begin with, this applies for all cells which has symbian 9.1 OS., like nokia n73, nokia n95etc and all those cells which supports .ttf fonts

The original fonts of nokia are located in Z \resource\fonts. YOU NEED TO HAVE XPLORE OR F-EXPLORER in order to see this directory and also to change the fonts as described below. you can get f-explorer if your dont have yet from its official website

Now let me start my tutorial

1. Symbian 9.1 supports and uses TTF and Openface TTF fonts

2. You can get a whole lot of ttf fonts from many websites for eg

3. Now download any ttf font from the above website. This is a pc font but we rename it to make it compatible with your device.

4. After download of the font, make 3 copies of it(by copy-->paste) and then rename the first file as

nosnr60.ttf and 2nd file rename it as nssb60.ttf and 3rd one as nstsb60.ttf

Here one file is multiplied into three and renamed. This completes almost 80% of your work.

5. Now to paste these files in your mobile , you can use memory card with card reader or make use of

f-explorer or explore to do it. If you are using card reader then just attach memory card in your card

reader and plug it. Then open memory card on pc and go to resource folder. Here create a new

folder by name "Fonts". It should be like this, memory card:\resource\Fonts

6. Now copy the above 3 files mentioned in 4th step to the "Fonts" folder.

7. Now insert your memory card into your phone , reboot and you wil see your beautiful fonts appearsmile

Here are few screenshots from my phone after following the above method,,

Do leave your reply.

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Note:Those who getting expired certificate error try this:

Try go to Tools -> App. Manager, choose Options -> Settings and set Software installation to All and Online certif. check to Off.