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Free anti-theft symbian application for nseries s60v3 phones

wavesecure lite

20 million people lose their phones every year.

It's painful to lose your expensive phone, your data and your priceless privacy. With WaveSecure, you’ll never have to worry about losing phones again.
» Track down your phone's location and who is using it
» Lock down your phone remotely, make it worthless to the thief
»Backup all your data, automatically and securely
» Wipe out your data remotely, protect your privacy.

Once you install WaveSecure Lite, you can set a PIN for your phone. If you lose your phone, simply use a friend's phone to SMS 'Wslite lock PIN' to your phone to lock it. (You can also make your phone scream by adding 'alarm' to the lock command!) You can also preset up to 9 'Buddy' numbers. The moment someone insert a new SIM into your phone, your buddies will be notified via SMS and you can track down the thief!

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